That digital bang that makes your heart go boom


Mercedes-Benz A-Class


Mercedes-Benz A-Class: designed to impress. The brief was to engage a specific audience (age, location) connecting social media with popular clubs, bar, café, highlighting the car’s appeal as a luxury tool for exclusive fun. #CoolModeOn was the hashtag we created for an Instagram game, a labyrinth with hidden treasures and rewards to be discovered by people living in the requested areas.


Yahoo! EMEA

Eat Alì

It all started with the news: a Bengali man had opened a mini-market with a catchy name to attract Italian customers. We saw a great story of hard work and redemption and turned it into a webseries starring the real shop owner. The rights were acquired by Yahoo! for worldwide broadcasting.


CLA Shooting Brake

Urban Hunters Summer Edition

As a completely new vehicle concept in its segment, the CLA Shooting Brake was designed to combine sporty, progressive design with a spacious interior. The brief was very clear: generate leads from a very sophisticated geographic area. So we created a Facebook tool to map individual stories and lifestyles in the required area.


B-Class Electric Drive


Revolutions always bring questions: so how to change mindsets when it comes to a new, fully electric vehicle? The answer: a simple, self-serviced social tool to understand users’ transportation habits and suggest ways to save money as well as the environment. The developed app is currently generating leads on a daily basis for a dealer.


Emil Banca Credito Cooperativo

Sconto Corrente

Emil Banca è una banca di Credito Cooperativo con forti legami al territorio ed alla cooperazione sociale. Per loro abbiamo creato lo Sconto Corrente, un nuovo prodotto dal nome alla campagna di comunicazione, comprese le attività social.


Interactive series

The Debtor

Merging technologies to create a new, previously unthinkable experience that unites mobile and TV. The debtor is a proprietary format for an interactive web/connected TV series where the audience can interact with the characters and story in real time, using BBM (for iOS, Microsoft, Android, BlackBerry).